The world of magic and fairies

SunshineASAKU 1  [ The world of magic and fairies ]

Translation by Claudia Liu

 Chapter 1: Test of the 7 Attributes

The Fairy is an amazing tribe in possession of elemental magic. They exist to guard the land and all living creatures. Let’s open the Book of Adventure and explore the adventure stories in the God-Speaking world!

Scene: Forest of Serenity

A boy’s yelling can be heard in the quiet forest…

The boy yells, “Small Fire! Small Fire! Small Firrrrrrrrre!!!”

The boy continues, “Fairy Magic, Small Fire!!”

But the sparkle of fire that pops up on the fairy boy’s fingertip drops on the ground and vanishes into the air.

Frustrated, the boy sits on the ground.

Holding a small slab of stone with patterns of 7 attributes, the boy mumbles hopelessly: “Oh my god… I’m so doomed already… I can never ever complete the summer assignment.”

“The principal gave each of the students a slab of stone and told us to experience the meaning of the 7 attributes.” the boy thinks, “If Small Fire answers to my call, I should be able to fulfill the fire mission.”

Looking at his own hands, the boy thinks, “But the Small Fire just wouldn’t answer my call…”

Just as the boy struggles on the ground, crying, he hears a girl’s talking.

The girl: “My dear brother Asaku, what are you doing here? You forgot that we have to prepare for today’s ritual, didn’t you?”

Asaku: “Oh no! It just slipped my mind!”

The girl: “Senior Harper is really angry at you, and he’s going to scold you for this.”

Asaku: “Oh my… Senior Harper LOVES nagging and he makes me transcribe ancient books. There goes my summer vacation…”

The girl: “My dear brother, don’t worry. I have completed your part but Senior Harper is going to nag on you for sure.”

Asaku: “Oh really? That is why you are my dear sister, Ellia, thank you so much~”

Ellia: “But what are you busy with? Or you are just slacking around?”

Asaku: “I’m no slacker! I am working on the summer assignment given by the principal, and I’m not sure what to do with it.”

Ellia: “Oh that’s right! The Fairy School principal gives out weird assignment every year and everyone is complaining! I remember last summer, he asked the students to retrieve a scale of a fire-spitting dragon… That was terrible… Luckily I am still too young for that. Ha!”

Asaku: “I haven’t figured out the assignment for the 7 attributes, either. Meh… I’m gonna drop it for now. So annoying!”

Then Asaku picks up a stone randomly and throws it out. Clacking!

Ellia: “Dear brother, did you hit the stone on something? That sounds weird.”

Asaku: “All right, let’s check it out.”

Asaku and Ellia look into the direction where the stone was thrown.

Ellia: “There it is! It’s a jar~”

Asaku takes a closer look at the jar which reads: “Absolute Delicacy”

and a fuse is hanging under the jar.

“What is this?” Asaku asks,

and the back of the jar reads: “Popcorn. Please heat me up.”

“This looks like human food.” Ellia says: “I wonder why it turns out to be here…”

Asaku: “Oh this is fun! With fire, isn’t it? So this is perfect to test my Small Fire skill!”

Ellia: “Errrrr that doesn’t sound like a good idea…”

Asaku puts the jar on the stone, steps back, and closes his eyes to focus…

Asaku yells, “Fairy Magic! Small Fire!”

The momentum is good, but the sparkle is still weak and drops by the jar.

Ellia says quietly: “… that’s lame…”

But the sparkle jumps on the fuse and now the fire burns the jar!

Asaku yells: “Woot! It’s on!”

The jar glows in red and is smoldering.

Ellia: “Wow… will it explode? I’m scared…”

Ellia turns and hides behind Asaku while the jar explodes!

All of a sudden, it rains popcorn everywhere!

Squatting on the ground, Ellia covers her ears while Asaku says:

“Oh my god! So this is popcorn! It’s sooooo good!”

Standing by a pile of popcorn, Asaku starts to eat the popcorn.

Ellia: “Huh? It does smell really good~”

Unexpectedly, a loud noise says:

“Who dares steal my popcorn?”

Ellia runs to Asaku and hides herself in her brother’s arms. Not sure what is going on, the brother and sister look around.

Abruptly, a shadow jumps down from the air and rushes into the popcorn.

Asaku and Ellia can do nothing but sit there and watch the shadow devour popcorn.

After a while…

A fox-like creature finally has enough and lies on the ground. Asaku approaches the fox and asks:

“Who are you? Why are you in our Fairy Continent?”

The mysterious fox replies: “Woooot! That was soooo good! My name is Fluffy and I am from the God’s Continent. Thank you for saving me from the jar~”

Asaku: “You are from the God’s Continent? Hahaha you must be kidding me. You are nothing but a fox, so how could it be possible?”

Fluffy: “Why can’t residents from the God’s Continent look like a fox…”

Asaku asks: “And what about your being released from the jar?”

Fluffy replies in contempt: “Meh~ it was nothing but an accident and then I was sealed in the popcorn jar.”

Ellia asks, “Huh? What accident?”

Fluffy replies, “I am in charge of the rain, but there was just this one time, I didn’t control the rainfall well and there was a flood. Then humans set up a trap with popcorn, which is my all-time favorite, and… they caught me and sealed me in the jar.”

Asaku: “What God of Rain… that sounds so weak…”

All of a sudden, it is thundering and pouring!

The two fairies and God of Rain hide themselves under some giant leaves.

Asaku: “Fine, I believe in you. Make the rain stop please!”

Fluffy: “I can’t control it! My sunny doll is missing… I think it must be the humans who have stolen my sunny doll!”

Asaku: “… that sounds so weak, seriously…”

Hearing this, Ellia starts to craft something.

Ellia says, “If you need a sunny doll, would it help to use the one I made?”

The second Ellia hands the sunny doll over to Fluffy, the rain stops. The trio walks out of the giant leaves.

Fluffy: “Woot! This is amazing! I thought I could only control the rain with my own sunny doll. Thank you so much!”

But the rain comes and stops, rinse and repeat…

Once again, the trio hides under the giant leaves.

Embarrassed, Fluffy says: “I guess it’s not that stable…”

Asaku: “We should just put you back in the jar to stop the rain!”

Fluffy: “Noooooooo~~~”

Ellia holds Fluffy in her arms and says:

“Asaku, that is mean. How could you even think about that? There must be something we can do.”

Fluffy: “Awwww you are so sweet~~ What is your name?”

Ellia replies, “My name is Ellia and this is my brother, Asaku. We belong to the Light Tribe from the Fairy Continent.”

Fluffy makes a face to Asaku and says, “Asaku, you are a meanie!”

While they talk, the rain stops again. The trio tests if it will rain more one more time and walks out of the giant leaves when they are sure the rain does stop.

Fluffy: “Ellia my dear, please let me give you something you wish for, to show you my appreciation.”

Asaku: “… but it was me who saved you from the jar~”

Fluffy makes a face at Asaku again.

Ellia: “Hmmm I can’t just accept any gift, but thank you anyway.”

Fluffy: “How about a soft toy after my image? Good idea!”

Ellia: “Errrrrrm I don’t… think… so…”

Out of the air, Fluffy grabs a pen in his right hand and an ink bottle in his left hand. Dipping his pen into the ink bottle, Fluffy draws an image of himself and yells:

“Dreams come true! All come true!”

And then the painting turns into a real soft toy of Fluffy!

Fluffy gives the soft toy to Ellia who, together with Asaku, is too surprised to talk.

Ellia: “Wow… what was that…”

Fluffy: “Take this. Isn’t it adorable~~”

Ellia can’t turn him down so she says: “Oh okay, thank you.”

Asaku: “Dude, no one calls himself adorable… but what was that?”

Fluffy: “You mean Dreams Come True, All Come True? That’s my special power.”

Asaku: “I think controlling the rain is your special power, no?”

Fluffy: “Meh~ That has turned into a curse.”

Ellia: “What is that, Dreams Come True, All come true?”

Fluffy: “Look at the ink bottle in my left hand. This is the Ink of Sincerity. Whenever I draw something with this special ink, whatever I draw will come true.”

Ellia: “Like magic!”

Fluffy: “But it’ll exist for only 15 minutes.”

Asaku: “Sounds weak already…”

Ellia: “Fluffy, can you draw some more for me, please?”

Fluffy, “Sorry, I can’t cuz I’m out of ink.”

Ellia: “Awww there is no way to collect more?”

Fluffy: “Of course but it’s not easy to collect the ink.”

Asaku: “How can you collect the ink?”

Asaku: “The Ink of Sincerity is collected from the genuine feelings of people, such as when they apologize or thank others.”

Asaku: “And I just saved you! Thank me now!”

Fluffy: “You can’t push people like this. It won’t work~”

Asaku: “I don’t care. Thank me now. You lame god of fox.”

Asaku and Fluffy start to make a face at each other,

but Ellia hugs Fluffy and says:

“It’s all right. Destiny brings Fluffy into our life, so it doesn’t matter if he is a god or not, we should take him in. Look at him, I feel bad for him already.”

Asaku: “Why do you feel bad for him?”

Fluffy: “Awwww Ellia is such a sweetheart~ Will you make me popcorn?”

Ellia: “Popcorn is from the humans’ continent, but it should be easy to get it.”

Fluffy: “Oh my! I’m so touched! I’m going to follow you guys and I will guard Ellia from now on!”

Asaku: “You seriously moving into our home?”

Ellia and Fluffy together: “Yep~”

Asaku facepalms, saying: “Oh my god…”

At this moment, Asaku’s stone of test glows and the water pattern shines.

Asaku: “Ah! I just accomplished the mission for the water attribute! Maybe I can finish my summer assignment after all.”

Asaku and Fluffy look at each other, take a bow together and say: “Thank you!”

At the same time, wisps of light fly out of these two and go into Fluffy’s ink bottle.

Embarrassed, Asaku says: “Thank you for helping me with my assignment.”

Fluffy: “I should be thanking you for saving me from the seal.”

Asaku and Fluffy look at each other again and laugh out together.

Ellia: “Fluffy, come home with us.”

Asaku: “Hey you got ink now. Draw more for fun!”

Fluffy: “Nuh-uh, the ink is precious.”

Asaku: “Yeah-uh, you lame fox god of rain~”

It starts to rain again.

The trio yells: “Oh my god! Rain no more!”

 Chapter 2: A Challenge of Cuisine

The Fairy is an amazing tribe in possession of elemental magic. They exist to guard the land and all living creatures. Let’s open the Book of Adventure and explore the adventure stories in the God-Speaking world!

Scene: Forest of Serenity

Asaku’s yelling can still be heard in the forest…

Asaku: “Small Fire! Small Fire!! Why doesn’t it answer my call?”

Sitting on the rock next Asaku, Fluffy asks:

“Are you sure learning how to cast Small Fire is the key to complete the fire mission on the test?”

Asaku: “Cuz I can’t think of anything else! I think Small Fire is the answer.”

Fluffy: “But you did the water one by saving me rather than learning the water magic.”

Asaku: “The principal told us to experience the meaning of the attributes, but he didn’t mention how.”

Fluffy: “Maybe if something of the same attribute happens, that’ll do?”

Asaku: “How would I know? So I can just cook and that’ll solve the fire puzzle?”


Asaku: “You must be kidding me. No, I don’t think so. Come again, Small Fire!”

The sparkle of Asaku’s Small Fire seems to flares a bit more.

Asaku: “Ohhh I may make it this time!”

But it pours all of a sudden just for a second and the rain stops.

Stunned, Asaku looks at his smoking finger and the dead fire,

and then he starts a fight with Fluffy.

Asaku: “It’s all your fault!! There goes my Small Fire!”

Fluffy: “I didn’t call for the rain! Not my doing!”

Impulsively, Asaku takes out the stone of test while Fluffy looks at him, puzzled.

Asaku blows on the stone!

Fluffy: “Errrrm what are you doing?”

Asaku: “I think blowing on the stone might solve the wind puzzle.”

Fluffy: “Asaku… you are such an idiot!”

All of a sudden, a roaring of some giant beast is heard. The forest is shaken and birds fly in shock.

Looking toward the direction where the noise is from, both Asaku and Fluffy say at the same time: “What just happened?”

The next second, a creature dashes toward Asaku and Fluffy, tearing down the trees along the way.

Once the trees are down, they see a Spiky Ball rolling toward them.

Meanwhile the Spike Ball keeps yelling, “Where did you go? Where!”

Both Asaku and Fluffy jump aside, watching Spiky Ball roll away.

Asaku: “What happened? Who provoked the Spiky Ball?”

Fluffy: “It must hurt a lot if he hits someone.”

Asaku: “But what is he looking for?”

A voice from the back says:

“The Spiky Ball is after me.”

Fluffy and Asaku turn around, and Asaku says:

“Who is it?” (But a chubby boy stands right in front of them)

Fluffy: “I don’t see anyone. That’s strange~”

The chubby boy yells: “Holy guacamole! It’s ME!”

Only then do Asaku and Fluffy see the chubby boy who has been standing in front of them all this time.

Asaku: “Oh it’s you, Carbon~”

Fluffy: “Huh? How do you just appear out of thin air?”

Carbon: “… hmm…”

Asaku: “Fluffy, this is Carbon, my classmate on the third grade in the Fairy School. Somehow people tend to overlook him.”

Fluffy: “Awww so a nobody. No wonder Spiky Ball couldn’t find him. Even a monster missed him.”

Asaku: “So why is the Spiky Ball after you, Carbon?”

Asaku: “Huh? Carbon? Where you go?”

Asaku looks around while Carbon stands right beside him.

Carbon pokes Asaku with his podgy finger and says: “I’m here and have been here…”

Both Asaku and Fluffy are surprised, saying: “Ahhh! There you are!”

Fluffy: “This is incredible. How can I overlook you so easily, like seriously easily.”

Asaku: “Right, tell us why Spiky Ball is after you while we still feel your presence.”

Carbon: “I was picking up some steel shell Spiky Ball sheds, you know, to craft a piece of skillet armor.”

Asaku: “Crafting gear and weapon is your forte as you are from the Fire Tribe. But why would Spiky Ball get so upset if you were just picking up some shell it shed”

Carbon: “Well, Spiky Ball was sleeping in a pile of dirt, and I saw its shell and I thought the shell was off already, but it was not. I picked its shell up with a little force and then the pain woke it up and it got upset.”

Fluffy: “So people usually fail to notice you, which actually saved you there. Spiky Ball probably has no clue as to who tried to force it to shed.”

Asaku: “By the way, Carbon, how goes your summer assignment? Have you completed all missions on the stone of test?”

Carbon: “I did the one for fire and have been wondering what to do with the rest.”

Asaku: “You solved the fire one! How did you do it?”

Carbon: “I made my favorite dish, Soup of the Wild, and then the fire pattern on the stone shone, so I got it.”

Asaku: “So it’s true that cooking is the answer for the fire puzzle.”

Fluffy: “And some tard only tries to ignite a fire.”

Asaku grabs Carbon’s hands tightly and says:

“Carbon, please tell me how to make Soup of the Wild!”

Carbon smiles bitterly and agrees.

Shrugging, Fluffy says to himself: “I don’t think it’s easy to make the soup~”

After a while…

Fluffy screams loud and yells:

“Asaku!! What is that thing you cook? So disgusting!”

Holding on their breath, the three stand in front of a table on which some weird dishes stink to an extreme.

Asaku: “I cooked with the materials Carbon told me~”

Carbon: “But you just tossed in everything without any preparation~”

Carbon continues: “And you seasoned the soup however you feel like to…”

Asaku takes out the stone of test, wondering:

“How come the fire mission is not done yet? I did make the soup. Aha I got it. We have to finish the food!”

Fluffy refuses by swinging his hands: “You try to poison me? NO WAY~”

When Asaku forces a fork of food into Fluffy’s mouth, Fluffy’s face turns green and his soul is driven out!

Carbon runs away and yells: “Noooooo not me!!”

Asaku runs even faster. He stops Carbon and forces a fork into Carbon’s mouth, too.

Carbon’s face turns green and his soul is driven out as well!

Asaku: “Is it really that bad?”

Not convinced, Asaku tries the food himself… Soon his face turns green and his soul exits his body, too…

After resting for a while…

Fluffy: “Holy cow! You almost killed me there! My entire life flashed before my eyes.”

Carbon: “That was so awful in a shocking way…”

Asaku: “How would I know my cooking tastes this bad? So what can we do with the pot of soup?”

Carbon: “Fairies cannot waste food~ or you’ll be punished by the Fairy King.”

The ground shakes again and Spiky Ball rolls back.

Carbon: “Ahhhh Spiky Ball is coming. Let’s ruuuuuuun!”

Fluffy: “One second! Something’s wrong with it.”

Spiky Ball seems to be choking and is bumping into things around it with tears in its eyes.

Carbon: “It’s choking. We have to help it. Water, give it some water~”

Grabbing the chance, Asaku drops the whole pot of soup into Spiky Ball’s mouth and the next second, Spiky Ball starts to vomit like crazy!

Once it stops puking, its soul is driven out as well.

Seeing this, Carbon and Fluffy catch its soul and stuff it back to its body.

Panting, Spiky Ball says:

“Phew~ I almost got killed there by the Titan Fruit. Thank you so much for the emetics.”

Asaku: “It’s actually the Soup of the Wild I made…”

Spiky Ball: “No matter, thanks anyway. By the way, it WAS really bad.”

Carbon steps toward Spiky Ball, taking a bow and apologizing:

“I am really very sorry Spiky Ball, it was me who pulled your shell, but I didn’t mean to hurt you. I am sorry.”

While Carbon apologizes, Ink of Sincerity appears and flies into Fluffy’s ink bottle.

Asaku: “Oh so Ink of Sincerity can be produced from an apology too~”

Fluffy: “As long as one means it with all his/ her heart, all genuine feelings produce Ink of Sincerity.”

Suddenly Spiky Ball yells: “AHHHHHHH~~~~”

Asaku: “What? What happened?”

Spiky Ball’s shell splits in half and drops on the ground. Spiky Ball now seems a size smaller.

Carbon: “Spiky Ball, you just shed your shell!”

Spiky Ball: “I think it’s the poison that makes me shed my shell earlier than usual.”

Then Carbon and Asaku pick up a half of the shell, and Carbon asks:

“Could I have your old shell, please? I need it to craft a new item.”

Spiky Ball: “Sure, it’s of no use to me anymore.”

Meanwhile, both Asaku’s stone and Carbon’s stone glow, so they take out their stone of test.

Carbon: “Woot! The earth mission is complete~”

Asaku: “Fantastic!”

Fluffy: “But why did Asaku complete his earth mission, too?”

Asaku: “Because it was my soup that saved Spiky Ball.”

Unexpectedly, Carbon puts his hands on his bum and says: “My tummy hurts! I need to take a dump!”

The rest three say at the same time: “Me too!”

Asaku: “Fluffy, paint a toilet now!”

Fluffy: “Nuh-uh, I’m not wasting the precious ink like this. Go poo in the bushes.”

Carbon: “I can’t hold it any more!!!”

Chapter 3: God’s Magical Paint Brush

The Fairy is an amazing tribe in possession of elemental magic. They exist to guard the land and all living creatures. Let’s open the Book of Adventure and explore the adventure stories in the God-Speaking world!

Scene: At Asaku’s House

Someone is running toward the entrance.
Fluffy: “Asaku, help meeeeee~”

Ellia: “Fluffy, stay put!”

Fluffy opens Asaku’s door and finds Asaku counting the cards in his hands.
Surprised, Asaku drops all cards.

Fluffy runs to Asaku, asking for help: “Waaaah Asaku, help me please~~”

Asaku: “What’s wrong?”

Ellia runs into the room with a big bowknot in her hand, saying: “Fluffy, put on this lovely bowknot now!”

Asaku pushes Fluffy away and takes a closer look at Fluffy. All of a sudden, he bursts into laughter~

Asaku: “Hahaha~ Oh my! This is too funny~”

So Ellia did makeup on Fluffy with blush on his cheeks and she made him dress in a maid’s outfit.

Now she is forcing Fluffy to wear that big bowknot on his head. Struggling, Fluffy says:

“Oh my god… please no, I can’t go out like this~”

Ellia: “But you are my guard, aren’t you? So obey me~”

Fluffy: “I am a guard but not a doll~~ I don’t want to wear that.”

Asaku is laughing so much now his stomach aches.

Asaku: “Fluffy, I think you should do what she asks of you or you’ll never have any popcorn.”

Ellia: “Fluffy, be good~ I made all these by myself. I assure you that you’ll be so attractive wearing these.”

But in fact, Fluffy looks hilarious. Fluffy can’t help crying,

while Asaku is rolling on the floor, laughing.

Ellia sees the cards and map on the floor, she asks,

“My dear brother, are you preparing for the Matrix Battle?”

Asaku: “Yes! There will be a competition after school starts and I’m going to score high this year.”

Fluffy: “Matrix Battle? It’s a battle to open magic space with different combos of magic cards, isn’t it? This is popular in all continents.”

Asaku: “But I am still weak because I do not have a champion. That’s what’s bothering me.”

Fluffy says in a serious tone, “So we need a strategy for this game.”

Asaku: “This is exhausting. I want to hang out with my classmates~”

Then a shadow speaks:

“Asaku! I have been playing with you,” Carbon says, “You forgot?”

Asaku, Fluffy, and Ellia yell in surprise: “Wow Carbon, when did you come?”

All Carbon can do is to cry for being missed again.

Fluffy: “Carbon, it’s just so natural to overlook you!”

Asaku: “Oh yea! Sorry I forgot you were here. Errrr what were we talking about?”

Carbon: “We were talking about collecting the Heart of Beasts to strengthen our champion cards.”

Asaku claps his hands and says: “That’s right. I was about to do that and then Fluffy and Ellia interrupted me. Let’s go and get the heart now!”

Fluffy: “What about the test of stone for 7 attributes?”

Asaku: “Meh that is crazy. I have no idea how to complete the missions. I think our principal is some psycho who loves teasing us by giving us really difficult summer assignment. No one can finish it anyway.”

Asaku: “Only if we could go to the Continent of Phantoms, where monsters are born, so we could encounter unique monsters.”

Carbon: “Knock it off, Asaku, it’s really dangerous there, especially if we run into a Berserk Monster. The guards would stop us from entering anyway.”

Asaku: “I know~ I’m just saying~”

Fluffy: “What if I can take you guys there?”

Asaku and Carbon together say: “You can?”

But again, Asaku laughs at Fluffy for the makeup and outfit. He says to Fluffy: “But you’d better remove the makeup and put on your own clothes. This is too funny!”

Ellia: “Fine, I’ll let you go for now. But next time, I will make more outfits for you, okay~”

Fluffy puts back his own clothes on.

Fluffy: “All right, so you were saying you want to go to the Continent of Phantoms?”

Asaku: “Yeah, how can you take us there?”

Fluffy: “Do you have any book about the Phantom Continent?”

Asaku: “Sure, just a minute~”

Asaku starts to flip through all books in his room and finally digs out a book from a box.

Asaku:  “Here it is! Adventure in the Continent of Phantom! I always hope for an adventure in the Phantom Continent one day!”

Fluffy: “Then show me a picture of the location that you want to go most.”

Asaku: “Okkkkk here it is, the Cliff of Dragon’s Trace. It is said that the Sacred Dragon left its traces of scratch there over a century ago. I have always wanted to go there!”

Then Fluffy takes out a pen and his Ink of Sincerity.

Fluffy: “You all know about the Ink of Sincerity. The pen I have here is the Wonder Brush, proving I am a god. Whatever I paint with this brush will become real, and that is how I do Dreams Come True, All Come True.”

Holding the pen high in the air, Fluffy continues:

“And I can do so much more than this! I could turn the world in the painting into reality and open the gate leading to the painting world!”

Asaku: “Wow~ This is awesome!”

Fluffy drops the book on the floor, dips his Wonder Brush into Ink of Sincerity and paints a rainbow in the air.

Fluffy: “Come! Let’s break the barrier between the reality and the painting and let our imagination soar with the rainbow!”

Fluffy: “I paint the miracle! 3D Unfolding!”

Once Fluffy casts the spell, the painting unfolds itself and becomes a 3D world, and then the magic teleports everyone into the world.

Scene: Cliff of Dragon’s Trace

The glowing magic teleports the group to the Cliff of Dragon’s Trace.

Asaku: “Cool!”

Carbon: “Ah we are really here! This is remarkable!”

Ellia gently pets Fluffy and says:

“Bravo! Fluffy~”

Asaku runs around and yells:

“Monster monster come out wherever you are~ I am Asaku and I am here for you~”

Fluffy: “Holy!! Asaku, what are you doing! We’ll be so doomed if the Berserk Monster comes on us!”

All of a sudden, everyone hears howling.

Ellia: “I am scared…”

Carbon: “Asaku, you’d better keep a low profile.”

Asaku, on the other hand, doesn’t care at all and still pokes around.

Asaku: “Monster~ Monsterrrrrr~ Come out wherever you are~”

Fluffy: “He’s not listening in the least…”

Asaku: “Let’s look around!”

Soon they arrive at the Ritual of Stone.

Carbon: “Look! It’s the scratch from the Sky Sacred Dragon over a century ago!”

Asaku and his friends step on a giant rock with the scratch and a ritual magic.

Asaku: “I’ve never seen this ritual before. Its aura is sinister and it makes me uncomfortable.”

Fluffy: “Let’s stay viligant!”

Asaku: “Well, in case of any danger, just draw the road back home.”

Fluffy: “Muahaha~ Sure~ it’s easy as pie~ Hmmm I’d better get ready just in case.”

Just a little too proud, Fluffy takes out his pen and ink and then he yells:

“AHHHHH Nooooo!”

Asaku: “What’s wrong?”

Fluffy shows him the empty ink bottle.

Fluffy: “I used up all ink to paint the way here… so now we can’t go back.”

Ellia: “We can’t go back… I am so scared…”

Asaku: “… you are so weak, like seriously weak.”

Fluffy: “But I don’t mean to…”

Asaku: “As long as we get you ink, you can take us back home, right?”

Fluffy: “Right.”

Asaku: “Then let’s stop worrying about this. We’ll get the ink for sure. Now we should take advantage of this opportunity and launch an adventure!”

Carbon: “It’s nice to have Asaku around because he is so optimistic. Now I feel better. Hmmmm but I do want to go home as soon as possible.”

Asaku: “Huh? Here are some words but they seem to be the language of the Phantom Continent. I don’t get it.”

Fluffy: “Let me take a look~”

Fluffy: “It says ‘Button of Absolute Secret. Do NOT push.’”

Asaku points at a button with an arrow on the side and asks:

“This button?”

Carbon: “Don’t push it, Asaku. It must be a trap.”

Fluffy: “It says do NOT push the button, so let’s not take the risk.”

But it is too late as Asaku already pushes the button.

Asaku: “Oops!”

Carbon: “Asaku!! What have you done! Didn’t it say not to push it?”

Asaku: “But I want to know what would happen?”

Fluffy: “How could you fall for this so easily!”

An earthquake strikes and the ritual magic underneath starts to glow. The spots of light gather together, forming a magic sphere.

Inside the magic sphere, a colossal dragon-like monster is gnawing on a blue wolf.

Asaku: “The wolf is hurt. We have to save him!”

Fluffy: “No, Asaku, don’t do anything!”

While they are still debating, the sphere breaks. The dragon-like monster and the blue wolf dash out as Asaku and his friends run away from them.

Fluffy: “Everyone, find shelter!”

Asaku: “No!! The blue wolf will be eaten alive!”

Seriously injured, the blue wolf drops on the ground. The dragon-like monster is about to blow a fatal strike…

Asaku darts forward, grabs the blue wolf and rolls over.

Figuring its prey has been stolen, the dragon-like monster rushes to Asaku.

Asaku holds the blue wolf tightly in his arms and yells: “Runnnnnn~”

Frenzied, the dragon-like monster attacks whatever it sees, smashing and spreading the rocks.

Chaptert 4: Sky, the Divine Phantom from the Phantom Continent

The Phantoms are a belligerent tribe who can shift shapes. They come from the Phantom Continent where all monsters originate. Let’s open the Book of Adventure and explore the adventure stories in the God-Speaking world!

Scene: At the Ritual of Stone on the Cliff of Dragon’s Trace

Replay the last few scenes from the previous chapter

(The magic sphere suddenly broke. The dragon-like monster and the blue wolf rushed out and everyone else ran away for shelter.)

Fluffy: “Everyone, find shelter!”

Asaku: “No!! The blue wolf will be eaten alive!”

Seriously injured, the blue wolf drops on the ground. The dragon-like monster is about to blow a fatal strike…

Asaku darts forward, grabs the blue wolf and rolls over.

Figuring its food has been stolen, the dragon-like monster rushes to Asaku.

Asaku holds the blue wolf tightly in his arms and yells: “Runnnnnn~”

Frenzied, the dragon-like monster attacks whatever it sees, smashing and spreading the rocks.

The dragon-like monster is after Asaku now.

Fluffy: “Let’s stay away from Asaku so the monster wouldn’t attack us!”

While he runs and dodges, Asaku sees a high platform on the cliff in the opposite direction with a bunch of climbing vines dangling on the side, and then he yells:

“Carbon, Carbon, where are you?”

Stretching out his hand from a corner around some rocks, Carbon says:

“I’m here~”

Asaku drags the vines and extends them to the other end of the ground, and then he runs toward Carbon.

Carbon: “Stop, Asaku! You are leading the monster to me!”

Asaku: “Listen, go hold on the other end of the vines. I am going to distract the monster. When I run back, you push the vines hard and trip the monster.”

Carbon: “You kidding me! The monster will eat me!”

Asaku: “Nah trust me, the monster wouldn’t even notice that you are there. I am going to lead it to the other side and I will run back. Get ready!”

Without waiting for Carbon to answer, Asaku runs to the other side, dragging the monster with him.

Fluffy: “Carbon, just do it!”

Terribly frightened, Carbon grabs the end of the vines and walks toward the other side.

Carbon: “Oh my! The monster is going to love chewing on me…”

Howling, the monster still chases Asaku.

Carbon: “Holy cow! I’m so dead already… AHHHHHH!”

Asaku: “Shhhhh just be quiet and you’ll be fine!”

Asaku runs to the cliff

with the monster chasing him.

Asaku: “Now! Carbon pull!”

Asaku: “Fairy Magic, Flying-n-Leaping!”

At the same time, Carbon pulls the vines with all his might. The monster is tripped and falls over the cliff while Asaku leaps high and reaches the other side.

Surrounded by a white tornado, Asaku jumps toward the other platform.

Fluffy: “Oh no! He is not going to make it…”

Asaku knows that he cannot reach the other platform, he starts to fall with the blue wolf in his arms.

Asaku: “Oh myyyyyyyyy god!!”

Meanwhile, the blue wolf glows. The light spins Asaku and pushes him into the pile of rocks on the other platform.

Asaku: “Woot! I’m still alive!”

Asaku’s friends walk over the cliff and reach him. Asaku kneels down by the blue wolf who remains all quiet and still.

Ellia approaches…

Ellia: “My dear brother Asaku, are you all right? Is the blue wolf dead yet?”

Asaku: “I think he just saved me with his last breath, but now he is gravely injured and I don’t think he can make it.”

Ellia: “No… I want the blue wolf to live, please…”

Fluffy: “But I can’t heal…”

Carbon: “Come on Asaku, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Right?”

Asaku: “But I don’t have any healing herbs with me.”

Ellia: “I do have some seeds on me though.”

Asaku: “You do? Then plant the seeds and hope for the best!”

Fluffy: “It’ll be too late when the healing herbs sprout.”

Asaku: “No, it is our job to guard all living creatures in the whole world and we fairies are the core of mother nature.”

Carbon: “Asaku, are you performing Fairy’s Guardianship?”

Asaku: “Yes, I am going to save the blue wolf, even it means I’m breaking the rules. I don’t care! Ellia, just plant the seeds.”

Ellia: “Okayyy~”

Ellia sows the seeds around them, and Asaku stands up and starts sending forth green energy.

Asaku: “When a fairy leaves the Fairy Continent, he/ she will be covered by Fairy’s Guardianship, protecting our lives. When a fairy’s life flows out of his/ her body, you will see the green energy emitting from him/ her.”

Influenced by Asaku’s green energy, grass and flowers start to grow on the rocks around him. Little by little, Asaku has turned the platform into a garden.

Completely drained, Asaku nose-dives on the ground.

Carbon: “Come, let’s cover Asaku with Fairy’s Guardianship.”

Ellia: “I’ll prepare the healing herbs.”

After a moment…

Carbon has made the Soup of the Wild, both Asaku and the blue wolf have been bandaged with Ellia and Fluffy sitting by them.

Asaku finally comes to himself.

Asaku: “Where is the blue wolf? Is he all right?”

Fluffy: “The healing herbs work so he seems to be getting better, but it might take some time before he completely recovers.”

Meanwhile the blue wolf speaks: “You are Asaku, aren’t you? I’m a phantom from the tribe of Alfred. You can call me Sky.”

Ellia: “The phantom can talk!”

Asaku: “Oh great! I’m glad you’ve made it, Sky. Thought we lost you there.”

Sky: “From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for saving me. One day, I shall return you the great kindness.”

Asaku: “Haha~ Nah it’s nothing.”

While they talk, light glows from Asaku and Sky, and then it flies into Fluffy’s ink bottle. Then both Asaku’s and Carbon’s stones of test shine at the same time.

Asaku and Carbon take out their stones of test.

Asaku: “Woot! We just completed the space mission~”

Fluffy: “The light was Ink of Sincerity, so we can go home now~”

Carbon: “Great!”

Asaku kneels down by Sky and asks:

“Sky, would you like to come to our home with us? You need a safe place to recover and staying here isn’t exactly a good idea.”

Sky: “I’m more than glad to, please take me home, my dear master Asaku.”

Asaku: “Oh yea~ let’s head home!”

(Zooming out)

Fluffy: “3D Unfolding!”

Asaku: “Awwww it’s still sunny today~”

Fluffy: “Oh my god… you are so annoying!”

Chapter 5: The Magic Compass of No Return

The Fairy is an amazing tribe in possession of elemental magic. They exist to guard the land and all living creatures. Let’s open the Book of Adventure and explore the adventure stories in the God-Speaking world!

 Scene: Asaku’s Home

Sky is still bandaged, resting in the bed Asaku prepares for him, while Asaku practices the Matrix Battle cards on the floor and Fluffy chews on popcorn.

Sky: “I can’t seem to make heads or tails out of this.  You reckon you might know?”

Asaku: “Wow you speak in an archaic tone… could you stop that? Ask me a question, sure, but ask thee a question… that is confusing~”

Sky: “Excuse me all to hell, I didn’t mean no offense. I got a mind to think a little better about that next time.”

Asaku: “Oh my god… talk in plain and simple English, please?”

Sky: “This is how I have been taught to talk. I will try to make a change but please bear with me.”

Asaku: “All right… what do you want to ask? Not sure I can answer any difficult question…”

Sky: “You are the Fairy tribe but how come you cannot fly with the wings?”

Asaku: “Hahahaha you guys are mistaken. Our wings are not to fly around. Wings are the symbol of our life and energy.”

Standing up, Asaku shows his fairy wings to Sky.

Asaku: “Usually, our wings are invisible. They are only seen when we use magic because our life equals to our magic. You can see fairy’s vitality through his/ her wings.”

Asaku: “The stronger a fairy’s vitality is, the bigger his/ her wings are. Besides, a vigorous fairy has blue wings. If a fairy’s wings turn red or broken, he/ she is dying.”

Sky: “Oh I see, so I was mistaken.”

Looking at Fluffy, Sky asks:

“What about you, Fluffy? I heard people from the God’s Continent have the angel’s wings. How come you don’t?”

Fluffy: “Huh… only those superior gods have the angel’s wings~”

Asaku: “I knew it! You are a weakling among gods…”

Fluffy: “Hmmmph! At least I am not stupid, like some tard fairy~”

Asaku: “What… you wanna fight me?”

Fluffy: “Why not? Or I can just turn you into poop with my pen and ink!”

While they wrestle, they roll to the bookshelf and hit the shelf. The books on the shelf fall on them, and then they just lie on the pile of books.

Asaku: “It’s a lot of work to put the books back.”

Meanwhile, something drops on Asaku’s face, so he picks it up.

Asaku: “Huh? A compass?”

Fluffy: “It’s an item you see every day. Nothing special about it.”

Asaku turns the compass over and sees the signature on the back. The signature reads: “LOST QUEST SPARTA”

Asaku: “It seems that the compass belongs to this man named Sparta, but why is it on my bookshelf?”

Fluffy: “Now we know whom the compass belongs to so we have to bring it back to him. We can never take things owned by others.”

Asaku: “But I don’t even know who Sparta is, how can I return the compass to him?”

Fluffy: “The name sounds familiar… ancient…”

Asaku scratches his head and says,

“Oh yes! Let’s ask Difu from the Water Tribe. Difu will know who Sparta is.”

The scene is at Windowed Corridor with Calligraphy

The Windowed Corridor with Calligraphy is set up on giant trees with numerous bookshelves and books.

Asaku and Fluffy walk into the corridor.

Asaku: “The Water Tribe is in charge of knowledge exploration and analysis, so Difu stays here most of the time to study. We can find him here for sure. Oh well, we just have to dig him out of some books.”

Fluffy: “Can we really find him here?”

Asaku: “Yeah~ Easy-peasy. Just look!”

Asaku grabs a poster in his hands and yells:

“Oh a poster of Princess Jiefulo! Who wants this?”

Difu pops up from a high bookshelf, yelling: “Me! Me! I want it!!”

Then he falls down, together with all the books.

Difu rushes to Asaku and takes the poster with extra care: “Oh my idol~”

Fluffy: “That really worked! Who is Jiefulo on the poster?”

Asaku: “Jiefulo is the princess of the Fairy. She is beautiful and she sings beautifully. That’s why she is very popular~ Like Difu here, he is one of her super fans.”

Difu: “Thank you so much, Asaku~ You just made my day already! Now I can add this to my collection~~ Oh yes, you need something from me?”

Asaku: “Well, I found this compass but don’t know whom it belongs to.”

Several minutes later with transition of shots…

Difu: “Wow~ this is the Compass of No Return that belongs to the great adventurer, Sparta Protheus.”

Asaku and Fluffy are both confused.

Asaku: “Sounds like a remarkable person?”

Difu: “Remarkable? Of course! Do you know the maps of the five continents can be put together only because this adventurer, Sparta Protheus, spent 80 years flying and drawing? He is the top leader of the Owl Tribe on the Phantom Continent.”

Fluffy: “No wonder the name sounds so familiar to me.”

Difu: “But how do you come in possession of the Compass of No Return?”

Asaku: “I don’t know~ that’s why I’m here for you, trying to see if you know where Mr. Sparta lives and then we can return the compass to him. I guess he must be worried that he’d lost the compass.”

Difu: “Why don’t you open the compass? Maybe it will lead us to Master Sparta. After all, the compass looks like a magic item.”

Asaku: “Good idea! Let’s do it!”

Asaku opens the compass whose needle is pointing at different direction randomly but finally, the needle stops.

Difu: “Something’s unusual with the compass as the needle seems to have its own mind and it’s pointing at a certain direction for a purpose. I suggest we analyze the current situation and come up with a plan first.”

Asaku: “I don’t care! Let’s jump into a great adventure and go~~~”

Difu: “Wait… wait a minute! Don’t rush into things…”

Asaku and his friends move forward into the direction pointed by the compass,

and they reach an unknown forest…

Asaku: “Seems we’re lost.”

Difu: “Told you we need a plan! Judging from the direction, I think we are in the Forest of the Forgotten. It isn’t safe here…”

Asaku: “Look! The needle moves again and it’s changing the direction!”

Fluffy points at the left and asks: “Huh? The compass would just change its direction like that?”

Difu: “I think the compass is pointing at a certain direction for a purpose. Now we can only follow the instruction and move forward.”

Asaku: “Then let’s go!”

With transition of several shots, Asaku and his friends figure they are walking in a circle.

Asaku: “What! It points at a different direction again~”

In the end, Asaku and his friends return to somewhere in the Forest of the Forgotten.

Fluffy: “It feels like someone’s pulled a prank on us!”

Asaku: “Exactly! Why does it point at a different direction all the time? Now it seems we are back to where we were.”

Difu contemplates the compass and the direction it points at…

Difu: “It occurs to me…”

Asaku: “Yea?”

Difu: “This is the Compass of No Return, isn’t it?”

Asaku: “Yeah, so what?”

Difu: “According to the name, we can’t return once we use the compass… that’s why it’s the Compass of No Return….”

Asaku: “Ahhhh for real? Then how can Master Sparta completed the map of five continents with this compass?”

Difu: “Well, there’s only one reasonable explanation for this…”

All say at once: “He was lost!”

Asaku: “No wonder he spent 80 years on the map! Shouldn’t it be fast if he was flying around? So he was just lost that’s why it took him such a long time!”

Difu smiles bitterly.

Asaku: “Bummer~ the compass makes fun of us. I’m out.”

In the meantime, Asaku holds on the compass and starts to spin around.

Asaku: “Compass, I have no idea where your master is. Since you’ve brought us this far, please go back to your master on your own.”

Then with all his strength, Asaku throws the compass into the depth of the forest.

Difu: “Oh dear! Asaku, you honestly asking the compass to return to its master by itself?”
Asaku: “Why not? The compass has made us walk in circles!”
Difu: “Oh please! Go get it back. We’ll be in real trouble if we lose it.”
Asaku and his friends run to the direction where the compass was thrown.
Asaku, Fluffy, and Difu look everywhere in the forest for the compass.

Difu: “Exactly where did you throw it to?”

Asaku: “I think it should be somewhere here~”
Fluffy: “Come take a look!”
Everyone gathers around Fluffy and sees the compass on a tombstone.
Difu dashes to the tombstone and says:
“This is the grave of Mr. Sparta. I didn’t know he had passed away.”

Fluffy: “May I ask when Mr. Sparta completed the map of the five continents?”

Difu: “That was over 1000 years ago.”

Fluffy: “Then of course he wouldn’t be in this world anymore~ Phantoms can live around 100 years. They are not like fairies who enjoy longevity. Now I know why the name sounds so familiar. I think I’ve heard his name on Gods’ Assembly.”

Difu: “Why would Master Sparta be buried on the Fairies’ Continent. There must be a story.”

Asaku walks to the grave and grabs the compass.

Asaku: “But why would the Compass of No Return end up at my home? And then it made us walk all the way to Master Sparta’s grave to return it to him?”

Just as Asaku wonders about the compass, it glows and emits countless spots of light which turn into a giant glowing ball. The next second, Asaku and his friends are all inside the compass.

An owl made of light spots flies to the center and starts to talk:

“Brave adventurers~ I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Asaku: “AHHHH ghost! Ghost is talking!”

Difu: “Asaku, manners!! Behave yourself in front of the master!!”

Asaku: “I’m sorry.”

Sparta: “That’s all right. Destiny has arranged your visiting today. When I was becoming a god, I threw the compass out as far as possible and told it to find its new master. I think Asaku is the new master of its own choice.”

Asaku, “Me? No wonder the compass appears at my home. But how could I use the compass? It seems it’s pointing at the wrong direction.”

Fluffy: “Sounds to me Sparta and Asaku share the same kind of craziness.”

Sparta: “The name suggests there will be no returning, so the compass does not point at direction leading to places you have been to already.”

Difu: “Oh I see! So you could complete the map of the five continents! The compass showed you places you had never been to.”

Sparta: “You live up to your expectations, Difu from the Water Tribe. Yes, you are right, so the true purpose of the Compass of No Return is to go on with strong determination and never look back.”

Asaku: “Got it~ so the compass is quite impressive~”

Sparta: “It’s been too long since I died. I am truly delighted to see the new master of the compass. Now finally there is someone who can succeed my dream and continue the great adventure. My map of the five continents wasn’t complete; besides, there are seven continents in the world. I hope that you, Asaku, will explore every corner of the God-Speaking World for me.”

Asaku: “Surrrre~ I love adventures most of all. Just leave it to me!”

Difu: “It’s an incredible challenge! Even though I don’t have full confidence, I also want to explore the world to learn more knowledge and culture.”

Sparta: “Destiny has written down long time ago, that you are the new master of the compass, so I’ll hand you the Travel Map of Incredibility officially.”

A scroll pops on Asaku’s hands. Asaku opens the scroll and asks:

“Why is it all empty? I thought you had completed the map of the five continents, no?”

Sparta: “I did, but that map was drawn based on my steps and trace. Now both the compass and the map have a new master, so of course you have to draw the new map based on your own adventure.”

Difu: “It’s been centuries, so the map of the individual continent must have changed with time. I guess Master Sparta is hoping Asaku would re-draw a whole new map. Is that so?”

Sparta: “Exactly, Difu is really brilliant and that is what I expect of you. Furthermore, I didn’t complete the map of the seven continents in my days, so I look forward to Asaku carrying out the parts I missed.”

Asaku: “That is just irresponsible… how could you just make me do it like this…”

Fluffy: “Don’t blame Master Sparta, Asaku. Phantoms can live to a limited time while fairies enjoy longevity. It was rather remarkable of Master Sparta to finish the map of the five continents within a time frame.”

Asaku: “Oh I see… All right! I will do my best to complete the map of the seven continents!”
Sparta: “Fairy boy… I look forward to the day when your adventure exceeds mine and when you travel on all seven continents.”

After Master Sparta finishes his last words, he turns into spots of light again, glowing, and sending Asaku and his friends back to where they were in the forest.

Asaku looks around, and then he looks at the Compass of No return and the Travel Map of Incredibility on his hands. He turns the compass over and on the back it says: “LOST QUEST ASAKU”

Asaku: “Did we just dream about that?”

Fluffy walks over and punches Asaku in the face.

Asaku: “Ouch! That is real!”

Difu: “Whenever we have a longer vacation, we will travel around to launch an adventure, so that we can complete the map together!”

Asaku: “Okay.”

A voice is heard in the air,

Sparta says: “Thank you, brave fairies, for accepting such a challenging task. I regret nothing anymore.”

At the same time, sparkle of Ink of Sincerity pops up in the air and flies to Fluffy’s ink bottle.

Both Asaku’s and Difu’s stone of test glow, so they take out the slab of stone.

Asaku: “Oh I completed the wind mission~ That’s great! Now I have finished one more part!”

Difu: “With the wind mission done, I have completed 5 missions. Woot woot”
Asaku: “What? How is that possible? You cheat!”

Difu: “Nuh-uh, I’m just hard-working~”

Asaku: “Fluffy, cast the 3D Unfolding to get us home.”

Fluffy: “No~ the ink is really precious. Now you have to draw the map step by step, no shortcut is allowed.”

Difu: “But we are lost now…”
All of a sudden, it starts pouring….

Asaku: “It’s all your fault, lame fox god you are. Get us home, now!”

Fluffy: “Dream on!”

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